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Individual Counseling Services

The Howard Group professionals have extensive clinical experience in helping adolescents and young adults develop productive and healthy strategies for dealing with life stressors. Our therapeutic approaches incorporate cognitive therapy and motivational interviewing strategies combined with our experience working in a variety of settings.

Our counseling approach also acknowledges how one's cultural and socio-economic background shapes his or her perceptions of themselves and the world around them. This allows our clients to explore options that will lead to personal growth and emotional well-being.

Peer Empowerment Groups

Peer influence can be a useful tool in helping adolescents or young adults develop the resources and skills needed to address their problems. They often respect and value their peer’s opinions and insights as they struggle to overcome similar challenges and obstacles.

The Howard Group’s group counseling services provides a healthy and nurturing setting in which adolescents or young adults can openly share their experiences while having the support and guidance of experienced mental health professionals.

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Parent Empowerment Groups

As young people are faced with the challenges of transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood and beyond, this may also be a difficult time for concerned and committed parents who are determining the most effective ways to support their child during this transition.

The Howard Group provides regular workshops that offer a supportive atmosphere for parents to explore the challenges, issues, and feelings associated with raising their child in contemporary society

Consulting Services

The Howard Group strives to establish collaborative relationships with other mental health professionals and organizations that serve young people and their families. The Howard Group is committed to sharing their clinical expertise by offering clinical consultation services to organizations, mental health professionals, or individuals interested in the current mental health issues facing adolescents and / or young adults.

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