A Little More About Us

The goal of the professionals at The Howard Group is to offer the very best mental wellness services available for adolescents, young adults and their families. We do this by being responsive to your unique needs, focusing on goals that are important to you, and keeping well informed on current mental health trends.

Mr. Ludley Howard is the founder and principal therapist of The Howard Group. He is a licensed clinical social worker who received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from The Smith College School For Social Work, one of the nation’s most renowned and prestigious clinical social work programs. Mr. Howard is also a Certified Anger Management Specialist II and is a member of the National Anger Management Association. His 25+ years of dedication and compassion in improving the lives of young people led to the founding of Pride Youth Services (PYS), Inc, a non-profit organization. Since 2001, PYS Inc., has provided quality case management and positive youth development programming in school and community based settings throughout the Maryland Region. The therapists of The Howard Group are licensed mental health professionals with at least a Master's Degree and years of experience in providing quality mental health counseling services to adolescents, young adults and their families.


“It was like talking to a different kid. I was impressed with the support I received in learning how to communicate more effectively with my daughter.”
M.T. Mother of a 14 year old

“My child had been driving me up the wall, with him acting out, not going to school and ignoring the rules. We’re getting along better now and he’s functioning very well.”
R.S, Mother of a 16 year old

“You’ve really helped me to clear a big dark cloud I had over my head. I was hopeless before we started working and now I’m much happier.”
J.B, 19 year old